We believe in the Liberal Arts.

Our team of academic leaders brings 1000 years of collective experience to a mission: to help student-centered colleges and universities not just survive but prosper as never before.  Together, we can further a 21st century Renaissance.

 At a challenging time for higher education, nothing will succeed but substance, the 3 C’s of core identity, campus life, and collaboration:

·      Core Identity through compelling programs and distinctive practices

·      A Campus Experience at once intimate and worldly

·      Collaborations that make an institution small and large at once.

Many consultancies seek to polish the brand.  RWA aims to enhance the reality.  

We visit and speak with representatives of the entire community, perform a full body scan, and write an extensive diagnostic report full of fresh concepts.  Then, by your choice, we can help you to develop those concepts and bring them to realization.

With your leadership, we will improve the applicant pool in numbers and quality and increase the yield of accepted students.  We will contain costs while improving the net revenue crucial to supporting these goals.

By means of The Three C’s, any college or university can become more attractive to prospective students and more financially sound.  RWA will help you to transform the “wish we coulds” into “we can, we do.”